Chair of Mathematical Statistics (SMAT)

Technical Reports

Technical reports are available upon request (please contact Victor Panaretos).






#01/09 Panaretos, V.M.
Kraus, D.
Second Order Comparison of Gaussian Processes with Applications to DNA Shape Analysis February 2009 Published
#02/09 Panaretos, V.M.
Konis, K.
Sparse Approximations of Protein Structure Given Noisy Random Projections December 2009 Published
#01/10 Kvitkovicova, A.
Panaretos, V.M.
Asymptotic Inference for Partially Observed Branching Processes October 2010 Published
#01/11 Kraus, D.
Panaretos, V.M.
Statistical Inference on the Second-Order Structure of Functional Data in the Presence of Influential Observations March 2011 Published
#02/11 Panaretos, V.M.
Konis, K.
Nonparametric Kernels for Multivariate Density Estimation April 2011 Published
#01/12 Panaretos, V.M.
Tavakoli, S.
Fourier Analysis for Stationary Time Series in Function Space April 2012 Published
#02/12 Kraus, A.
Panaretos, V.M.
Estimating the Spreading Potential of an Epidemic When Observations Are Scarce November 2012 Published
#03/12 Panaretos, V.M.
Tavakoli, S.
Cramér-Karhunen-Loève Representation and Harmonic Principal Component Analysis of Functional Time Series November 2012 Published
#04/12 Panaretos, V.M.
Pham, T., and Yao, Z.
Principal Flows December 2012 Published
#01/14 Kuusela, M.
Panaretos, V.M.
Empirical Bayes Unfolding of Elementary Particle Spectra at the Large Hadron Collider January 2014 Published
#02/14 Panaretos, V.M.
and Zemel, Y.
Separation of Amplitude and Phase Variation in Point Processes March 2014 Published
#03/14 Tavakoli, S.
Panaretos, V.M.
Detecting and Localizing Differences in Functional Time Series Dynamics: A Case Study in Molecular Biophysics May 2014 Accepted
#01/15 Descary, M.-H.
Panaretos, V.M.
Smooth Plus Rough Variation of Random Functions: The Interplay Between Rank, Resolution, and Scale. December 2015 Submitted
#02/15 Chakraborty, A.
Panaretos, V.M.
Hybrid Regularisation of Functional Linear Models. December 2015 Submitted
#03/15 Wei, S.
Panaretos, V.M.
A Delta Method for Empirical Evolution Equations. December 2015 Submitted
#01/16 Zemel, Y.
Panaretos, V.M.
Fréchet Means in Wasserstein Space: Gradient Descent and Procrustes Analysis. February 2016 Under revision